When the Friends were first set up one of the aims was to publish research on the history of the local area, resulting in Trowbridge History. This has now been replaced by the two series of “Yellow Books” and “Pink Books”, which are published on a regular basis. Copies are available in the museum for either £4 or £8.

Other booklets that the Friends have published include a history of Aplins the Chemist, a biography of Margaret Stancomb, and Medical Matters a fascinating look the history of all things medical in Trowbridge.

We now issue a Friends newsletter to all members. Make sure you receive yours.

We now have a blog called Trowbridge Yarns – Musings on the past, present and future of Trowbridge – and would like submissions. We would like your stories, reminiscences, snippets of history, events, bits of research, thoughts on the future, etc. If you have anything to post get in touch with the Yarn Spinner at